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It is important to understand that a duplicate key can only be made from an original or existing key. Some people take key duplication as equal to key cutting. These are two different services. Key cutting involves fashioning a new key blade using the lock or ignition cylinder code. And it normally happens with lost keys. But when what you want is simply another set ‘photocopied’ from the existing one, that is what is called key duplication.

So why might you need duplicate keys?

Duplicate keys are spare keys. Sometimes you may misplace your keys in the office or inside the house, that does not mean they are lost completely but looking or searching for them might waste much of your time. This is when you use the spare keys. The next reason you might need them is where broken keys have been extracted from your car locks and there is no need for another unique set. Another case comes in when maybe you have locked your keys inside the trunk, so instead of having to engage a locksmith you just use the spare key to remove them.

Why are my duplicate car keys not working?

By asking that it means you already have a set of duplicated keys, right? Now, the reason they could not be working might be because, they are not yet programmed to interact with the car’s transceiver. This is a different service, and it is known with auto locksmith Whitechapeltechniciansas transponder programming. That explains to you that after a copy of the key is made it must be registered into the transponder chip. If you have ever requested replacement keys for lost keys from a locksmith, then you might have hard that the lost key must be taken out the car’s database and the newer one updated into the chip. That is what programming entails and it comes as a different job.  
Must you engage an auto locksmith or, a hardware store is enough to do the duplication?

That entirely depends on the kind of key you have. There are things that overtake a local hardware serviceman. And that is in terms of the technical knowledge and the machinery required. In most cases, the store man will be able to comfortably duplicate house keys because they use a standard key cutter machine. While car keys will require the use of a laser cutter to duplicate a working set.

So can broken keys be duplicated?  

For broken keys to be duplicated they must be repaired first back to the normal working condition. After the extraction of the broken chunk from the lock, the joints must be attached together and be conjoined for the measurements to be taken while fashioning the new one. 

For car key duplication needs, call auto locksmith Whitechapel gurus to your place.    

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