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Auto Locksmith Wandsworth

Auto Locksmith Wandsworth

As mobile locksmiths, we're equipped with the latest technology that enables us to complete any job on-site. We'll quickly enable you access to your vehicle and in the unfortunate event that your keys are stolen or your lock is vandalised, we can ensure your vehicle's safety by re-programming new keys with new transponder data, so your vehicle can't be accessed with your old keys. Here is a more detailed outline of what services we can provide:

Replacement Keys

If you simply require a duplicate key for your vehicle then we have the tools to cut you one on-site at your vehicle. We can then program its transponder data and test the key in front of you. It's a quick and easy process and is far more efficient than duplicating your keys at a dealership. Dealerships charge a lot for duplicate keys and they can take up to 2 weeks or more. It's far easier to use a service which matches advanced key cutting technology with a quick and efficient door-to-door service.

Broken Keys

Breaking your key in the lock can be a stressful scenario, especially if it's late or night or you have a long journey to make. In the Wandsworth area, we're always on hand to fix broken keys. Sometimes keys break in your door lock, requiring a locksmith to extract the broken key without damaging your lock.

It's imperative that a trained locksmith carries out this work, as a replacement lock costs a lot more than a replacement key and we take care to not damage your lock when extracting the key. Our dedicated team can not only remove broken keys from locks or from your ignition but rebuild the lock in the unfortunate event that the key can't be removed without the use of force. Rebuilding a lock is cheaper than replacements and many mechanics and dealerships would just drill the lock and replace it.
Car and van owners may sometimes have their lock vandalised. We can rebuild locks without replacing them in the event of this happening, too.

Lost Keys

Replacing lost or stolen keys means we have to wipe old key codes from your car's immobiliser system. If your key was found then it could be used to open your vehicle. To prevent this, our locksmiths can access your cars transponder system to wipe any data for your old keys.

We can then cut you a new key on-site and program it to your vehicle with peace of mind that your old key can't be used to gain access to your vehicle. If you lose your key and you don't have another key to cut from then using our existing range of key cuts, we can cut new keys and reprogram them to your specific vehicle.

Transponder Programming

Transponders are tricky bits of kit and sometimes they stop working with no warning. Occasionally this can be a glitch from other similar transponders being used near your vehicle, other times it may be a wiring or power issue. If your transponder fails then we can quickly diagnose the problem and either replace components or the whole key.

Sometimes you may even be able to gain access to your car but when you try and start it there's a problem preventing you from turning the engine on. This can be accompanied by strange symptoms such as a locked steering wheel, flashing lights, the alarm going off or your immobiliser alarm going off. These issues are often due to faulty transponders.

Our roadside technology enables us to troubleshoot your car's immobiliser system and copy, delete or add new keys if necessary. We can then cut your key on-site and solve the issue there and then without you needing to visit a dealership.

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