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Auto Locksmith South Bank

Auto Locksmith South Bank

Replacement Keys

Replacing keys can be achieved at the road-side, or at any location in the South Bank area. Whether you need replacement keys for additional family members, to replace spares, or to add extra keys in case your vehicle only came with one set, we can cut and program new keys for you and test them there and then on-site. We can program new transponders and add these to your car's computer so they can be used on the same day. Compared to dealerships, this is quicker and easier as dealerships, as well as being expensive, can take a long time delivering your replacements.

Broken Keys

If you break a key in the lock, either the door or ignition or the lock becomes damaged, sticky or jammed, we can repair the lock and extract the old keys. Using non-destructive methods, we can often do this without damaging the lock, circumventing the need for replacement. If you're unfortunate enough to have your lock vandalised then often we can rebuild it or parts of it without replacing the entire system.

Lost Keys

Losing your keys and having no key to cut a replacement from can seem like a dead-end. With our new-gen technology and equipment and vast database of existing cuts and keys, we can usually find a replacement easily and cut it for you on-site at your location. We can access your car's computer in order to delete old keys, ensuring that anyone who comes into possession of your car key can't access your vehicle. We can provide this service 24/7 and quickly gain access to your car to secure it and your belongings and then cut a new key so you can get on the road again.

Transponder Programming

We can solve any transponder related issue at your location using the latest tech in auto locksmithing. Transponders are a legal requirement for modern car manufacture and ensure that no one can access your car without matching a transponder code to your car's unique identifier ID. We can access your car's computer that deals with these codes and add, remove or edit keys, enabling us to program new keys to your car or delete old ones for lost or stolen keys. Transponders can be subject to random errors associated to wear of parts or other factors. Our technicians can trouble-shoot the issue at your location, removing the need for you to travel to a dealership for more expensive and slower service.

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