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Auto Locksmith Stratford

Auto Locksmith Stratford

Every car manufacturer uses the key and lock technology that they think is best. To ensure the security of the car remains guaranteed. You will want to call someone who is conversant with all types of key systems used, which include:

  • Standard Car keys
  • Remote Key Fobs
  • Transponder Keys
  • Motorcycle and Motorbike Keys

If you want to know the locksmith is established and has been in the business long enough, they should be able to handle repairs and duplication for any of the above mentioned key types.  So what makes all these types of keys different? Check the details below.
Standard Car Keys

These are non-remote keys and are used with cars that don’t have a central remote system. They are the normal keys we were used to seeing with cars before the introduction of fob keys and transponder keys. Locksmiths that are yet to embrace the current updates can handle this type quite well. Nonetheless, At Auto Locksmith London you can get replacement keys for any type of keys. Because we understand that your car, not matter its model, age or key type is your investment.

Remote Key

This is the type that uses an electronic chip to open or close your car doors. The technology also helps to lock the ignition system so that only the person with the original keys can start the car. So what happens when such a key gets lost? You don’t need to get distressed to go get new keys, in fact, where you are and call an auto locksmith Stratford technician to help you out. In essence, the experts need to wipe out the lost keys from your car’s electronic chip so that it becomes non-functional to your car in case it is in the wrong hands.

Transponder Key

When you hear of transponder programming, it means there is a transponder chip involved. The chip is where the information about your car’s relationship with the keys is stored. In essence, reprogramming the transponder key may be necessary if the two centers, that is your car, and the keys are not able to communicate, causing hardship in starting the car. So are you facing such a case? Call us, our mobile locksmiths will come running to assist.   

Motorbike and Motorcycle keys

Are you from within Stratford and have broken keys that need repair? Our auto locksmith Stratford will prove helpful to you wherever you are. You don’t have to pull your bike or transport it to the workshop; the replacement keys can be cut at whatever location you need them.

Auto London Locksmith repairs, duplicate, reprogram and cut all types of automotive keys. So get in touch!

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