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Auto Locksmith Stoke Newington

Auto Locksmith Stoke Newington

What does rekey ignition service mean? Simple, it is making the subject lock work with a new key. Some of the main reasons that call for ignition rekey include serious damage inside the lock, vandalism or lost keys. With the main one being, ‘you want to operate the car using one key even after replacing the ignition cylinder’.  

Can locksmiths rekey ignition barrels?

Sure, that is among their main jobs besides key cutting, transponder programming and more. Ideally, ignition cylinders are just locks. Meaning they can be disassembled and put back together to a working condition. Most of our auto locksmith Stoke Newington guys can rekey ignition cylinders with ease. They have an understanding of the components inside ignitions no matter the car’s model. Call us the specialists.

Time taken to rekey ignition cylinders

The process as termed may suggest that the process is complicated but not to our experts at Auto Locksmith London. Rekeying is often a small part of a long process. There are some steps taken before reaching the ignition, that means the dashboard panels must be removed to allow access, some screws be removed, and cables detached. Also, to prevent electric shock or possible cranking of the engine in the midst of the process the car battery should be removed. So assuming all steps are smooth, then, our master technicians will take around twenty minutes to complete the task. 

What is the best option, rekeying or replacing the cylinder?

It depends. Sometimes the ignition’s cylinder is still very new, but the fault is emanating from the wafers and pins founds in it. Replacing the whole thing will be expensive and sometimes unrealistic because even with a replaced cylinder there will be keying needed to match the door lock keys. However, in some cases the cylinder is too damaged that replacement it is the best option. In fact, this is just like having broken keys, you may opt to repair them or seek replacement keys

Are there special tools, or specialist experts for this job?

That is an obvious yes. In fact rekeying ignition cylinders goes beyond the general knowledge that most auto locksmiths have, just like transponder programming. If you like, you can goggle out the tools used for the job and the details involved. Perhaps you would like to try out some DIY rekeying. But that may not be recommendable because breaking the latches or losing any of the minute plastic components often found in the cylinder can render it useless. Which again you do not want to incur the expenses of a new ignition cylinder, based on the fact that you don’t have money to throw away anyhow.  

So you may ask will the auto locksmith Stoke Newington crew come to my place to do car rekey ignition or, must I go to them? The answer is they will come there.

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