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Auto Locksmith Spitalfields

Auto Locksmith Spitalfields

Replacement keys

If you're in need of a replacement key, perhaps for extra family members, or because your new vehicle only came with 1 set, then we can cut and program them to your car on-site. Sometimes we just need replacement keys, to replace old, worn keys or because we need to replace lost spares. It doesn't matter what vehicle you have or who manufactures it, we can provide a full key cutting service on-site and test the new keys in front of you. It's far cheaper than using a dealership, who often take a long time to manufacture and deliver your spares.

Broken Keys

On occasion, keys can break in locks or the locks can become jammed or damaged. Locks can, unfortunately, be damaged through vandalism or attempted theft, too, requiring repair or replacement. We can extra broken keys from doors or ignitions using non-destructive methods. These often circumvent the need to replace the entire lock which of course comes at a higher price. Dealerships often replace the entire lock, but we can rebuild partially damaged locks to avoid this. Any new keys can be programmed and cut on-site, meaning you'll be able to access your car on the same day.

Lost Keys

Losing keys can cause a panic. Even if you do lose a key and don't have a spare to cut from, we can access existing databases to find a match in order to cut and program you new keys. With the latest technology and equipment, our technicians can ensure that your car is safe from anyone who may possess a lost or stolen key, by accessing your car's database and deleting or editing any old keys. We can perform these tasks at your location, 24/7, meaning you need not panic about getting to a dealership.

Transponder Programming

Any transponder issue is covered by our equipment and our technicians who can access your cars ECU and edit, delete or add keys, ensuring your car's safety from the hands of thieves. Transponders are legally required for modern cars and only allow the ignition to be turned on when a code in your key is matched with the unique one in the car. This technology is sometimes subject to errors and codes can become damaged or scrambled. Using our road-side equipment, we can trouble-shoot and repair transponder related issues and ensure any new keys that we cut work perfectly with your vehicle.

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