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Auto Locksmith Southwark

Auto Locksmith Southwark

From 1995, many things concerning car locks and ignition systems changed and manufactures begun using transponder keys for various model of cars. So how does this go? The technology involves the use of a chip that is programmed specifically for your car. In essence, this raised the level of security on cars because only the person with the special keys can access or start the car. A transponder key is trained to communicate with its car, in other words the fob key cannot operate any other car. So when you need replacement key because they got lost, you need to contact auto locksmith Southwark technicians. They use the latest auto locksmith technology but still solve any car key issues for all models of vehicles. 

Get in touch with them for:

  • Transponder programing
  • Solutions to broken keys
  • Lost keysreplacement
  • Key cutting services
  • Emergency auto locksmith services
  • Solutions to snapped car keys and much more

Transponder programing

You may know that your keys need transponder programming when they do just well in opening the boot and the doors, but they can’t start the car. That could mean the transponder key is dead, or is sending the wrong signal, so there is no communication between the key and the car. Hence it cannot start. If dead, the key needs to be replaced, otherwise the fob can be reprogrammed if the issue is dispensing wrong signal. In a case that you have lost your keys and fear someone could access your car when they get them, ask our guys to reprogram both the fob and the car.

Solutions to broken car keys

Forcing an old key when the car door lock has jammed will cause the key to break; sometimes it is not about the material that was used to make the key. Not only that, your kids may mishandle the keys inflicting a bend on one of them which may one day break inside the ignition key or door lock. Whatever thing that caused the breaking, there is a solution. For the old or lost keys, new ones can be cut at Auto Locksmith London using the latest technology like laser key cutting to match the dealer’s specification of the original keys.  No matter what predicament meets you, these experts will come to offer replacement keys and any other car key services.   

Emergency auto locksmith services

At Auto Locksmith London, emergency means emergency and we have specialists for that. You tell us where you are in Southwark by giving us the postcode and any other supplementary landmark, and we give you the precise time you can expect to see our mobile locksmith van come to serve you. Sounds good, right? To us that is business and we place the customer’s interest first.

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