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Auto Locksmith Mile End

Auto Locksmith Mile End

Replacement Keys

Replacing keys with our hassle-free service is quick and easy. Sometimes you may need new keys for replacing worn old ones, or for extra family members, or to replace old spares. Formerly, you'd need to use a dealership for this, which is costly and time-consuming. Now, using new equipment, we can perform the task at your site. We can program transponders and replace any broken or worn components and test any new keys in front of you.

Broken Keys

Broken keys need not stress you out any longer. If you are unfortunate enough to break your key in the lock or have your lock broken through vandalism or attempted theft then we're on hand to solve your issue 24/7. We can extract broken keys from your door or ignition and program and cut new keys to replace them. If you're unlucky enough to have suffered an attempted robbery then we can ensure the safety of your vehicle by accessing your car's key database in its ECU and edit and deleted old keys. This will mean anyone who possesses your old key can't access your vehicle. We can rebuild locks that are broken and using non-destructive techniques, can often save you from needing to replace your entire lock.

Lost Keys

If you've lost your key then we can cut you a new one. If you don't have a spare then we can access our existing databases and work out a cut which will fit your car. We can perform any transponder programming on-site at your location and test any new keys there and then. Losing your key doesn't need to be a stressful situation, as we're available 24/7 to help you gain access to your car and get it up and running again. Using us to cut and program a new key is cheaper and easier than using a dealership and no matter the vehicle type or brand, we can help.

Transponder Programming

Transponder programming used to be a complex art which only dealerships could carry out. We can too, with our new-gen programming tech that allows quick and efficient access to your car's computer to allow us to edit, add or remove keys. This ensures car safety from thieves who possess your key and allows us to provide new keys whether you have a spare to cut from or not. All tasks can be completed on-site at your location, meaning you don't have to travel. Transponders are a legal requirement for modern vehicles but aren't trouble-free. If you do come across a transponder related issue then we can troubleshoot it for you at your location.

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