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Auto Locksmith Hampton

Auto Locksmith Hampton

Replacement keys

You may need new keys for family members, because you lost your spare or because your car only came with one set of keys. If you need replacement keys then your initial thoughts may be to contact your dealer. We can provide a replacement key cutting and programming service to your door which is much more cost efficient than the services offered by dealerships. Dealerships can take up to 2 weeks to deliver your keys but we can cut them and test them at your location.

Broken keys

Keys can sometimes break in locks, or the locks can jam and prevent you from accessing or turning on your vehicle. Our locksmith team can extract the broken key on-site, often without damaging your lock at all.

Many mechanics and dealerships replace the whole lock, our specially trained team can often remove broken keys or unjam locks without replacing them, which is far more cost efficient than a full replacement. If your lock is irreparably damaged, perhaps through vandalism, then we can often rebuild it without needed to fully replace it.

Lost keys

Lost or stolen keys can cause stress and panic, but the truth is, with the latest mobile technology we can gain access to your vehicle and replace your keys at your location, so don't worry! If your keys were stolen then don't worry about your vehicle being accessed using the lost key, as we can access your cars computer system to delete the lost or stolen key so it can't be used to access your vehicle.

With the latest transponder technology we can ensure the security of your vehicle and with our vast database of keys and cuts, we can cut you a new key without any existing key and program it to your vehicle.

Transponder programming

Transponders were famously tricky bits of kit. They're legally required for modern vehicle manufacture and ensure the safety of your vehicle by coupling your key's unique code with your cars. We have the latest mobile transponder technology, enabling us to program new keys to your car or delete old lost or stolen keys. It's not a tricky business for us!

Transponders can be subject to issues on occasion; you may be able to access your vehicle but not start the ignition, or there may be a strange issue that triggers your alarm or prevents you from opening the boot, etc. We can assess and troubleshoot any transponder related issue on-site, at your location in Hampton, saving you the stress of travelling to dealerships.

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