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Auto Locksmith Dulwich

Auto Locksmith Dulwich

Our portable technology enables us to complete any lock or key related task at the road side. We're able to access to your cars computer system to program new keys and transponders in the unfortunate event of theft or vandalism and can secure your car by deleting any old key data, so no one with your old key can access your car.

Replacement Keys

Sometimes we need replacement keys for other family members, or because our vehicle only came with one key and we need a spare. Duplicating car keys can be costly if you use a dealership and new keys can take weeks to arrive. We can provide the same service at your location using our portable new-gen technology. We can cut you new keys, program them to your vehicle and test them in front of you.

Broken Keys

If in the unfortunate event your key breaks in a lock, either the door or your ignition, or your lock is vandalised and jams, then we can assist you 24/7 in gaining access to your vehicle and providing you with new keys. We will use non-destructive means to extract any broken keys and can often keep a lock in-tact so you don't need to replace it.

In the circumstance that your lock is damaged, we can often rebuild it without fully replacing it. This is quicker and more cost effective than using a mechanic or official dealerships, who often remove the lock and replace the entire system.

Lost Keys

If you lose your key or have it stolen then don't panic! It's no longer a long and tricky process to gain access to your vehicle and we can cut and program new keys on-site. We can access your car's key bank system in its on-board computer and delete your old keys.

This means your car can't be accessed with your old key, preventing anyone in possession of it from getting into your car. We can use our existing database of codes and cuts to cut and program new keys even if you don't have any.

Transponder Programming

Programming transponders is a specialist job that our locksmiths are trained to carry out with mobile gear, meaning you don't need to leave your house in the Dulwich area.

You no longer need to contact a dealership with any transponder related issue, as we can edit, remove or add keys to and from your car on site and test that they work. Transponders can sometimes fail, preventing you from accessing your car, we can trouble-shoot any transponder related problem and replace the entire key, or individual components in order to gain you access to your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

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