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Auto Locksmith Brixton

Auto Locksmith Brixton

Replacement Keys

If you need a replacement key then we can come to you and cut a new key from your existing one. We can access your car's onboard computer and re-program it to accept your new key. If you need more keys for family members then we can cut them and add them to your car's register. It's cheaper and easier to use a locksmith for this service – official dealerships can't replace your keys quickly and are more expensive.

Broken Keys

Keys, on occasion, can break. Whether they jam in your door or ignition or snap in the lock, we can often extract your key without damaging the lock itself, saving you a fortune versus a mechanic or dealership that may remove the entire lock and replace it.

We have the means to extract broken keys and in the unfortunate scenario that your lock is damaged, we can often rebuild it or parts of it to avoid the cost of a replacement. Our locksmiths have the skills to remove keys without breakage and can circumvent the need to replace locks.

Lost keys

In the event of your keys being lost or stolen, we can cut a new key and program it so your car receives the brand new key. We can access your car's computer to strip your old key, so it can't be used to access your car.

All the technology needed to perform these tasks is transported to you – you don't need to move and can keep an eye on your vehicle. Wherever you lose your key in Brixton, we can quickly arrive on the scene to assist you with entering your vehicle and then provide you with a new, fully functional key that we can test on site.

Transponder programming

Modern cars and required to use transponder technology. This security feature matches your key's code to your car, using a unique identifier. When they match, your car enables your ignition to be turned on.

Occasionally, transponders can go wrong and throw up all manner of strange issues. We can troubleshoot any transponder issue and the likelihood is, we can resolve it very quickly at the roadside. Even complex tasks such as stripping old keys and adding new ones can be performed at your location. You won't need to travel to a dealership to get your key reprogrammed and we can test the key's function in front of you.

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